Summer Camp 2017 in Sebastopol

We are hosting Summer Camps!
Drop off your little artist with us to enjoy 3 hours of creativity!

Camp is 4 days. Artists will have a blast creating fused glass art, learning new painting techniques, reading stories, playing games and more!  Please send your artist with a lunch.

Each camp runs Monday-Thursday, 10am-1pm for $240. Ages 6-12

Summer Camp in Sebastopol

Full payment is required upon registration. ($80 is non-refundable, if a cancellation occurs)

Harry Potter Out of this World

Come young wizards and join us! On the first day, the Sorting Hat will tell what house each artist are in and then paint their 'house' colors on a their mug. Artists will make a 'Spacescape' and a 6" Harry Pottery plate in fused glass. Campers will write spells, make their own Floo Powder and paint their own Harry Pottery lightswitch for their room. Wizards will gather a batch of 'Bertie's Beans' to put in their own Dumbledore Box after it is painted! 

Days: June 12-15
Hours: 10 AM - 1 PM

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Woodland Creatures, Bugs, Fairies & Gnomes  Only 6 Spots Left!

Be apart of the forest!
Each day we will explore different creatures; foxes, owls, fairies and gnomes. Artists will paint a new woodland creature 10" plate each day of camp. So, at the end of camp, they will have a set of woodland creature plates: fox, bear, raccoon & deer! Artists will create a fused glass woodland scene, woodland creatures coaster set, paint a mushroom birdfeeder and more!

Days: June 19-22
Hours: 10 AM - 1 PM

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Oceans of Sweet Treats

We are combinding our two favorite subjects: oceanlife and sweet goodies. We will read 'When You Give a Mouse a Cookie' story, and paint a plate about the book. Artists will have a blast blowing bubbles in their paint to make an ocean 'bubble' plate, with fun sea creatures! We will also paint a beach ball bank and a donut box. We will wrtie our own fortunes to then paint a fortune cookie box, to hide our fortunes in! Artists will create a lolilipop fused glass dish, framed glass beach scene & more!

Days: June 26-29
Hours: 10 AM - 1 PM

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Legos, Robots & Minecraft

Lego lovers and Minecraft players join us! We will create a 'Lego' fused glass plate by making our own 'Lego' glass pieces, then putting it together. We will also paint a creeper mug, using a masking technique and a Lego Bank. Artists will have fun using metalic acyrlics to make a rust 'ol robot head bank, painting him as rust or as shinny as they want!  We will even play with Legos!

Days: July 10-13
Hours: 10 AM - 1 PM

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