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Raining Cats & Dogs -Week 5

Dogs and cats can be our best friends as our pets. Join us for this camp and you will explore the world of our furry friends. Paint a dog or cat dish for your pet. Adopt a cat or dog by picking it out, painting it and givng it a name and tag of it's very own! If a camper has a dog or cat at home, they can make their own dog or cat metal tag. Campers will create a fused glass dog or cat plate from either a photo of their real pet or make one up! You will also paint a pet treat jar and make your very own pet treats to go in them. 

Dates: July 16-19
Hours: 10 AM - 1 PM




07/16/2018  (10:00 AM  to 01:00 PM )


Glassfuison and Pottery Too!
6906 Sebastopol Ave

Raining Cats & Dogs -Week 5