About Us

Jennifer Balletto
Meet Jennifer, the owner of this creative business. She is an experienced art teacher with a B.S. in Design from UC Davis. During her education in Davis, she leanred to blow glass and fused glass. Jennifer studied graphics in school, but it was fused glass which peaked her interest.

After college Jennifer spent the next seven years educating herself in fused glass by taking many classes from world-famous glass artist and attending glass conventions.

By day she was a graphic artist, by night she would create fused glass in her garage studio. While working by day, as a graphic artist, Jen began teaching fused glass classes in a pottery store to people who love the medium as much as her.

Seven years later, she purchased the pottery business and melded the two businesses together to become, Glassfusion and Pottery Too!

Jennifer Balletto | Glassfusion & Pottery too | Sebastopol

Meet Marisa, our very knowledgable art educator, who has been with us now for more than two years!

She is a talented semstress who makes our children's aprons. Along with sewing, Marisa is also a great artist with both a pencil and a brush.

Marisa | Glassfusion & Pottery too | Sebastopol

Meet Cora, who loves to horse around. Cora is a student at Analy High who has accomplished some amazing obstacles in her life! Born with sever scoliosis, she had a major back surgery at Stanford and now nothing gets in her way.

She is strong-willed, friendly and very helpful. She is a cheerful person who is ready to help whoever comes in! She would like to become a large animal veterinarian.

Cora | Glassfusion & Pottery too | Sebastopol

Meet Zoe, our shop dog. Zoe thinks the two, soft peacock-colored chairs are for her to sleep in. If she's not resting in a chair, she will be in our party room sleeping in her bed and come out to greet you.

Occasionally she will escape just outside the shop to find out if there are any ice-cream cones or spills she can eat along the sidewalk.

Zoe | Glassfusion & Pottery too | Sebastopol